There is a saying regarding the use of computers that goes something like: “if you put garbage into them, you cannot expect to get anything other than garbage out of them!” Similarly with the Christian life we could say that what we will get out of our faith is directly proportional to what we are willing to put into it! In fact, this rule generalizes quite well to all aspects of our lives.

At the heart of the whole salvation process lies the complete and utter generosity of God’s love. He did not have to lift a hand to do anything! We had dug ourselves into a pit because of our sin and why should we expect God to change all that? Well, whether we like it or not, He did! As Psalm 40 tells us, He reached down into the pit and drew us up out of the miry clay and set our feet upon firm ground and placed a song of praise in my heart; a song of praise to my God.

We might want to argue that the nature of God’s love forced Him to act in the way He did by sending Jesus as our Savior. We cannot know exactly how the nature of the character of God relates with His free will. Anyway it is really beside the point as what God has done is done whether we understand or like it or not! What we have to do is work out what our response to His generosity will be!

Paul assures us that we should place our total trust in God’s generosity. After all, it is not God who has been found lacking in the past, has He? The more we give to God to work with; the greater our generosity with our lives, the greater will be our ultimate experience of His love and transforming power. Whether we offer God a cup or bucket to be filled with His grace and returned to us He will give both back full. The paradox is that both are full but one has received much more than the other. I hope I can hear you say that you are going to offer God a dump truck to fill … or maybe it is something bigger still?!!

What do expect from God in my life? What do I give to Him to work with? Is it possible to receive what I want from God given that is what I am willing to give Him to work with?

Jesus, Do not allow me to become stingy with my life. Teach me to be large-hearted and generous. Grant me the grace to have a heart that naturally gives generously without counting the cost too much!