Sometimes we procrastinate about getting rid of the sin in our lives. Sometimes we procrastinate when it comes to making the decisions that will lead us to grow in holiness. This is simply wrong! As Paul says in today’s reading, Now is the acceptable time; today is the day of salvation. There is no time like the present. Procrastination indicates a lack of conviction on the part of the person as to whether or not the person is serious about conversion in their life.

Paul goes on to indicate that it does not really matter what the consequences of growing in conversion are in terms of suffering or distress. The imperative of conversion to the Gospel way of life outweighs them all. Paul does not speak without experience of suffering (see 2 Cor.11) and this gives further weight to his argument. His experience tells him that the most important consideration is growth in conversion and holiness. Suffering in fact can even be helpful in this process. If a person is willing to suffer for the sake of conversion, then we have further evidence of the priority they are giving conversion and holiness in his or her life.

Conversion to the Gospel is a somewhat paradoxical experience in that it is in or weakness and poverty, our inability to save ourselves that we find the greatest richness of humanity, namely an ability to enter into relationship with God. It is this gift of relationship with God that is our highest calling. Thus we can see that conversion of our lives to God ought to have the highest priority in our lives.

Paul is correct! Even though we might not like the idea of suffering and feel as though we want to procrastinate when we are challenged to repent of the sin in our life, we need to realize that it is all in the aid of the greater good of conversion. Paul’s lived experience has taught him the hard way. He knows the experiences of hardship and suffering and they have not caused him to alter his point of view. The most important priority we have is to respond to the call of conversion!

How readily do I respond to God’s Word? What are the excuses I use? Why do I procrastinate? How important to me is it to grow daily in holiness?

Lord Jesus, you embraced the suffering of the cross so that I might have the opportunity of conversion. Help me to respond as generously as you did to God’s call upon my life.