2 Sm 12: 7-10. 13 We are all sinners; none of us can claim to be otherwise. And so we all stand judged along with David of doing what is displeasing to the Lord. Sin is sin – yes, some sins are more serious than others – but all sins separate us from God to one degree or another. It is this consequence of sin that ought to instill fear in hearts that leads us to be more diligent in fighting temptation.

Jesus, help me to become more aware of the dynamics of sin in my life so that I will be better able to fight off the many temptations.

Gal 2: 16. 19-21 Obedience to the law is a necessary consequence of faith in Jesus Christ. Faith does not necessarily follow from obedience to the Law. The preeminence of faith in our religion tells us that it is the relationship with us that God wants – even before obedience. Yes, obedience is a part of the relationship but it flows from the choice to be in relationship with Christ and is not prior to it.

Holy Spirit, help me to deepen my relationship with Jesus so that in knowing him better I will be better able to discern his will for me.

Lk 7: 36 – 8: 3 Forgiveness is a powerful tool that we use for good in offering it to those who sin against us; that destroys relationships when it is withheld and bitterness and revenge allowed to govern the way we relate with others. The choice to forgive is one we can never take lightly – indeed we are reminded about it whenever we pray the Lord’s Prayer. Here we tell God to withhold his forgiveness of our sins if we are unwilling to forgive those who sin against us!

Jesus, help me to realize that I must learn to forgive everyone who sins against me, just as you forgive all who sin against you.