1 Kgs 19: 16b. 19-21 Elisha would have understood the significance of Elijah throwing his cloak or mantle over him as a form of anointing or claiming him to follow in his footsteps; in his ministry as prophet. Later we will hear Elisha request a double portion of Elijah’s spirit indicating a full commitment to the ministry of prophet even allowing for the fact that he would have been aware of the difficulties and sufferings it would bring as well.

Jesus, when you call there is always an element of suffering involved – following you means the exclusion of so much else and even other persons in our lives. Help me to be willing to make the sacrifices you call me to make in my life.

Gal 5: 1. 13-18 Freedom is a very slippery word and has many conflicting meanings. Americans think they are the guardians of true freedom but I question what they mean by this. It is imperative that we see freedom along the lines of being free to act for what is true and right and not just freedom from any sort of constraint. It is not a true use of our freedom when we choose the path of sin – it is an abuse of freedom!

Jesus, help me to understand the freedom you gave me when you died on the cross. Help me to live it truly as the basis of my life of discipleship.

Lk 9: 51-62 Jesus is unwavering in his commitment to =follow his Father’s will. He will let nothing get in the way of his obedience. Jesus knows the Jerusalem will be a place of suffering and trial – possibly he even knew that it would be the place of his death – but he did not waver from setting his path in that direction. This is the level of commitment that God expects from his followers. We all have to ask ourselves whether or not we are willing to give this much.

Jesus, help me to think nothing of giving all in obedience to you as you gave everything in dying on the cross for me.