Is 49: 1-6            God has a plan for everyone of us, exactly what it is up to you to discover! As we celebrate the birth of John the Baptist we can wonder what it would be like to have God for our first cousin if we like but it will be far more productive for us to seek to hear what God has to say about his will for our lives than focus on something that has more to do with someone else than ourselves.


Jesus, may the life of John the Baptist inspire me to become a better disciple by listening more closely to your words for my life.


Acts 13: 22-26                        Even though Jesus is his first cousin, John acknowledges his preeminence in saying that he is not worthy to undo his, Jesus’, sandal. This humility is important for us to reflect upon as it is the basis of every sort of obedience in our lives. Without humility it will not be possible to be a disciple of Jesus. Without humility we will never be willing to even listen to the will of God for our lives.


Holy Spirit, teach me the path of humility and help me to grow in it as I seek to follow Jesus as best I can in my life.


Lk 1: 57-66. 80 John matured in the wilderness. He must have had a sense that he had an important role to play in the work of God and so he set aside time to prepare himself in a place where there would be few distractions. Today’s world is precisely the opposite to this! It is full of distractions. I cannot help thinking that if we are truly to hear the voice of God clearly in our lives we are going to have to be very disciplined in setting aside times when that is our sole focus.


Jesus, grant me the grace to make the necessary decisions to be able to listen clearly for the voice of your will in my life.