2 Cor 12: 1-10 Paul is referring to his own conversion that occurred fourteen years previous to the writing of this letter. It seems that there was a period of time that Paul underwent formation in the Gospel before he became one of its greatest preachers. Who prepared him, where and how is not known to us, however, the indications support the idea that we all need to place our lives under the grace of the Holy Spirit in order to be formed well if we want to live out a full Christian life.

Jesus, help me to always have the humility necessary for me to accept the need for formation in my spiritual life. I want to be the best disciple possible.

Mt 6: 24-34 Today we celebrate two of the martyrs of the Catholic Church in England. They refused to renounce their allegiance to the pope and thus paid for their faithfulness with their lives. We live in a world becoming more and more hostile to Christian principles. It is important we know what the Church teaches so that we do not compromise our Christian and Catholic witness to the truths of the Gospel and our faith!

Holy Spirit, help me to be well formed in my faith so that I will better give witness to its truth to all whom I meet.