2 Cor 3: 4-11 Paul wants to contrast the life of the Spirit and the life of sin. He uses the symbolism of light and darkness. He wants to do this strongly in order to stress the consequences of the choices we make when confronted by sin and temptation. He warns us that sin has many attractive powers and thus we need to be careful when confronting it. But all is not doom and gloom, he ensures us that Christ will give us the necessary grace to follow the way of righteousness and reject the ways of evil.


Jesus, thank you for the victory of your cross. Help me to apply it in my life when I am confronted by sin and temptation.


Mt 5: 17-19 Jesus has not come to abolish the law and tell us all to rely directly upon the Holy Spirit for moral guidance. In actual fact Jesus has come to fulfill the Law! The Christian disciple can truly be called a disciple of the Law of God because he or she will be committed to following the Law of God as revealed to Moses as he seeks to follow Christ. Laws are necessary to guide our actions as human beings. They help us maintain our humanity to ourselves and with others.


Father, thank you for the Law you revealed to Moses. May I always recognize and follow its relevance for my life.