Acts 11: 21b-26; 13: 1-3
Many of the early communities in the Church should be thanking St Barnabas as their patron saint as it was he who introduced Paul to the apostles and assured them that he was the ‘real deal.’ Everyone knew Paul was a persecutor of the Church but Barnabas was the one who convinced the apostles that Paul had had a change of heart.

Jesus, we never know what a friendship might bring – we never know where it might lead. Help me to pay attention to all of the relationships in my life.

Mt 5: 13-16
God has a plan for all of us; in one way or another there is a task for us all to accomplish. Let us be careful to ensure that we do our best to discover what God’s will for us is and then be obedient to it. Then we can be satisfied that we have been a light for the world and that we have spiced up the world’s knowledge of God with our own dose of salt!

Holy Spirit, keep me attentive to God’s voice in my life so that I will be faithful to all that he asks me to do.