2 Cor 1: 1-7 St Paul’s letters begin with the traditional greetings and explanations and introductions. It is what follows that really interests us – where Paul goes into various aspects of the Christian life. As we work our way through his Second Letter to the Corinthians, let us open our hearts to the new things we can learn from him. There is always more we can learn no matter how many times we may have read the letter before!

Holy Spirit, keep my mind and heart attentive to God’s Word as it is proclaimed in the Mass so that my faith will grow stronger and my mind will become better informed.

Mt 5: 1-12 The Beatitudes are some of the most beautiful expressions of Christian faith that we have in the Scriptures. Let us reflect upon each one of them carefully and seek to discover how we might grow in our expression of them in our lives. It is in the beatitudes that we learn the interpretive principles for the Law as Christ lives and understands it. Hopefully both our hearts and our minds are ready to listen and learn!

Jesus, grant me a heart that desires not just to know the truth but how to live it to the full in my life.