Deep within every human being I think that there is a certain conservatism that is resistant to change. We do not like to change when we have become comfortable with the present status quo! One of the things so unsettling about the Gospel is that it calls for constant change, namely conversion, in our lives. The Gospel will not allow us to become stagnant in our spiritual lives. It constantly calls us to move on towards the goal of eternal life.

The disciple of John the Baptist ask a question about fasting and Jesus takes the opportunity to call them on in their faith. He challenges them to see that in Him, Jesus, there is a new reality that calls for a different approach to life. The Jews were awaiting the Messiah and Jesus is basically telling them that He has arrived. The bridegroom is here! You do not need to fast about that anymore! Rejoice that the bridegroom is in your midst for there will come a time when there will be a new reason for fasting.

When a long-lost friend arrives on our doorstep we stop mourning for him and celebrate. We embrace him and set about finding out all we can about what has happened. Jesus is telling them that this is what they should be doing now. They need to let go of the past and set about doing that which is needed to bring about the new reality that He will give to them.

It is not enough for us just to recognize that Jesus offers us something new and wonderful. We must also be willing to get rid of the old and to make a place for the new in our lives. This is what conversion is all about. As we read the Gospels we find all sorts of different response to this call. Perhaps the best description of what we can do is found a few chapters further on in Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus applauds the wise steward who brings out of the storeroom things both new and old. That is, here is a person who has been able to discern the best of both worlds and retain it all! Let us pray for theis type of wisdom in our lives!

Am I the type of person who constantly hangs on to trinkets of the past that are no longer of any use? Why do I do this? Would I be better able to serve the Gospel if I let go of some or all of them?

Holy Spirit, help me to discern the things I need to best serve the Lord in my life. Help me to let go of past hurts ad all hindrances so that I will be free to do what the Lord wants me to do.