There are many times in our lives when we will be asked to make a choice between a number of different ways of doing something. Probably the first, and a very natural gravitation, is towards the easiest path. But is this necessarily going to be the right way to go? Sometimes the path of least resistance is not the path to travel if we want to maximize the fruit derived from our efforts.

Jesus found himself in a situation such as this on many occasions. On first analysis it may seem that the best way to go about trying to bring change to a society or culture is to go to its leaders and spend the majority of your efforts in convincing them and then let them convince everyone else. In today’s Gospel it seems that Jesus chooses to employ exactly the opposite method. He goes to the least respected and the downtrodden to bring them the Gospel first! Perhaps He hopes the shock of the transformation that the Gospel will bring to their lives will overcome the resistance to change that He has already experienced among the leaders. Maybe Christianity is really a grass-roots revolution waiting to happen?

Whatever the case may be, it is certain that we must remain open to the many options that are available to us when preaching the Gospel. It is not just a matter of choosing the easiest method or the path of seeming least resistance, but truly seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that whatever we do will be done in His power and not in our own! We all tend to prefer the supposedly easier solution or path, however, first sights are often deceptive and perhaps we need to be more open to other options even though they may be difficult.

The ultimate proof of any method will be found in its fruits. Regardless of the ease or difficulty of any thing that we do, we must look to the fruits to truly evaluate its effectiveness in proclaiming the Gospel. Jesus never tells the disciples that their mission will be easy. Therefore, it is fairly safe to assume that there will ample opportunity for us to also experience the difficulties and crosses that await someone who chooses to serve Christ.

Am I lazy and thus tend towards choosing what seems to be the easiest course for my life? Am I willing to take up my cross and follow Jesus to Calvary or am I only interested in the rewards of His cross?

Lord Jesus, you have shown me the way to be your disciple. There are many times when I hesitate to follow you all the way to the cross through fear, anxiety etc. Grant me the grace to let go of the fear and follow you wherever you lead me.