As a child I remember I used to play games with my brothers and sisters and our friends that were basically great big wars of good versus evil. What epic battles we fought and the result was always predetermined! It did not matter what the odds were at the beginning, the good guys, whoever they were, always won in the end. Does this sort of scenario sound familiar to you?

Our lives form the battle-field for exactly this sort of battle! The battle of good and evil is played out every day in the choices that we make surrounding the things that we do. Sometimes we are more or less conscious of the nature of this battle, however, in either case the reality is that it is happening. We need to grow in or consciousness of this reality so that we can bring to bear the weapons of our faith on the side of good. We cannot afford to take the forces of evil lightly or we will be surprised by how quickly they might gain ascendancy over us. Even though we know that Jesus has already won the battle for us, presumption is one of our worst enemies as it could lead us into a false sense of security. Yes, we have the victory, but we must work hard to make sure we put it in place each time the temptation to sin arises!

Once we allow a temptation to take root in our lives it can be very difficult to uproot it without upsetting many other aspects of our lives. Today’s parable exhorts us to be vigilant in our lives so that we can stop the sins from gaining root in our lives. As the old adage says, “A stitch in time saves nine. Or, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” It is not a good idea to toy with the idea of sin because sometimes that is all the room that sin needs to sow its malicious seed. It is better to be safe and sure than always walking on the edge of the cliff! Lets us pray for the grace to recognize both sin and temptation fro what they are and to deal with them appropriately!

Do I tend to fool around with temptation? How often is this sort of attitude the primary cause of sin in my life? Isn’t it time for me to change this way of dealing with sin and temptation?

Holy Spirit, you call me to grow in holiness every day. Sometimes I resist your call and for this I am sorry! Help me to heed your voice and respond obediently to your grace each time temptation comes my way.