St Paul tells us that we live in a world that is very wicked, however, by our lives we should redeem it (c.f. Eph 5:16). This is probably just as true today as when Paul originally wrote those words in the first century. The great challenge for us is to be able to recognize the good in our world and take hold of it while remaining faithful to discarding all that is contrary to the Gospel.

The parable of the weeds among the wheat that we read today directs us to this message. It also indicates how difficult it can be to separate the good from the bad. At times it may even be impossible to select the good without having a little bit of the bad come along with it! Here we must be very careful in what we are doing so that we do not let the bad get into the system in such a way that we cannot remove it at a later stage. An example might be that in order to compete in a team competition we may have to choose players who are not up to standard or may be a little coarse in their language or something like that. We choose them in order to be able to compete, however, we do so with the knowledge that we will train them to reach the right standard in both ability and speech.

I hope the example illustrates at least one interpretation of the Gospel in that we endure something imperfect but only with the knowledge that we intend to fix it eventually. We cannot endure an evil just for the sake of that evil. Nor can we intend to do an evil thing in order to bring about a good thing. However, we can do a good thing, recognizing that there MAY be certain limitations (but no directly intended evil), as long as we intend to try to fix the limitations as we proceed down the chosen path.

Let us meditate upon our own lives and try to see where it is they can be improved so that our witness will be truer to the Gospel that Jesus Christ proclaimed.

Am I aware of the imperfections of my life? What are they? What am I doing to try to mend them and become more like Jesus?

Lord Jesus, I recognize that you love me despite the sins I commit. That is, you love the sinner but abhor the sin! Help me to do away with all the sins in my life so that I can grow in holiness and become more like you.