One of the most important things that we have to determine in our lives is the extent to which we are willing to serve the Lord. What is the price that we are willing to pay in regards our serving the Kingdom of God? These are not questions that we can afford to take lightly or ignore. They are critical for our own well-being and will determine our usefulness for the spreading of the Gospel.

There are times in our lives when we have all had the enthusiasm of the scribe in today’s Gospel. However, I am just as sure that that each of us has also baulked at giving everything in response to God’s call on our lives! Jesus is quite clear in His teaching to the apostles. The choice to follow Him and to place our lives at he service of the Gospel is very serious. It may well involve consequences and happenings that we will not enjoy, yet are an intimate part of being His disciple.

When we decide to follow Jesus we need to be sure that we are willing to give our all and not just be half-hearted in our commitment. Being a disciple is a wonderful thing, but it will also mean being willing to face the challenges that come our way with total trust in the Holy Spirit’s ability to see us through them. Lack of trust in Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit is a sure recipe for disaster and must be avoided if at all possible. This means we must be realistic when we make our decision to follow Jesus. Are we willing to persevere through to the end? Are we ready to face the hardships ahead? Are we going to be disciplined about our spiritual life and so on?

God desires that we all come to salvation and give our lives in the service of the Gospel. However, if we are not yet willing to give our all in this service, maybe it is better to wait until we can decide to give all to Jesus before entering too seriously upon the path of discipleship. Yes, all of us need the room to grow into such a commitment, but there must at least be a willingness to give all before we embark on the journey. If not, we may well find ourselves facing a decision that is beyond our willingness to respond to.

Lord Jesus, I want to follow you and to be your disciple. I realize that it will not be easy, so I beg you for the grace to be generous in my response to your call.

What is Jesus asking me to do for Him? Am I even willing to listen for an answer to this question? Am I willing to give my life in service of Jesus and the Gospel?