One of the great things about God is the way he is always ready to bring us his consolation and love. Today’s Gospel is a case to point. He is asking all of us who might be struggling under the weight of a problem or two or three … to entrust ourselves to his mercy and love and allow him to help us carry the load. It is a pretty good offer when you think about it however, the offer is more on the spiritual dimension of the struggles we have.

The promise of someone willing to listen to us articulate our problems is often the first and even the most important step towards attaining a solution to them. It is very important that we realize that God’s offer of help is never an empty offer and no matter what our problem may be it is always going to be advantageous to us to avail ourselves of his assistance.

Literally speaking this text contains legal imagery combined with an agricultural concept of yoke. Jesus is saying that the yoke of the Gospel is far easier than the yoke of the Law. And this is not just because he is there to shoulder most of the weight. The reality is that when it comes to sin, Jesus shoulders 100% of the weight – in his death on the cross. The Law is good but it cannot deal with sin and its effects; it can help us avoid sin if we follow it but once we have sinned all it can do is reinforce the knowledge that we have indeed sinned. This is not necessarily very helpful.

Jesus, on the other hand, is telling us that he can take the yoke of the knowledge of our sinfulness and transform it with his forgiveness. In this way the yoke becomes light and easy and we are freed from the guilt of sin and many of its effects. It is an offer that we would be mad to refuse so let us pray for the grace to humble ourselves and allow the grace of God to ‘lighten our load.’

Am I always insistent on solving my own problems and would rather fail than admit I need help? I hope not, as it will make it very difficult for you to receive God’s forgiveness.

Jesus, help me to grow in humility such that I will be better able to receive your forgiveness and grow as your disciple.