One thing is for certain; the Kingdom of God will not come to be without a fight on our part. The enemy is out there marshalling his troops for the battle. The question is, “What are we doing to organize ourselves for the battle for our minds, hearts and souls?” Some might say that it seems that we are losing and that the enemy with all his secular philosophies and lies has beaten us to the fray. However, I am not so pessimistic. We may be a little behind the times when it comes to utilizing all the new technologies when it comes to evangelization, but I think we still have it within us, the Church that is, to win the battle for the hearts and minds and souls of the young people of today. Are you ready to take up your sword for the battle and fight for the Gospel or have you already laid down your arms and given up to defeat?

We cannot afford to be complacent or else we will always be ‘playing catch up’ with the world. Sin is a past master of using any means it can to subvert peoples’ lives and we can be sure that sin is not going to ‘play fair.’ After all, it would not be sin if it did! Therefore, we must be realistic concerning the powers that we are up against in the battle. Yes, the evil one’s forces are seemingly formidable, but let us never lose sight of the fact that he is already defeated by virtue of the death and resurrection of Jesus! This is the foundation upon which we must build, and if we do so, we will be unbeatable. We may lose a few minor scraps and tiffs, but the main battle is already won for us; it only remains for us to appropriate victory and let the power of eth Gospel loose in our world to see what it can do for the lives of all men and women.

Jesus would never send us into a battle that we cannot win! This is a fact and a promise, so if we are in a life and death battle with sin we can be sure that we will be victors if we believe in it and place our trust in God. This may sound like blind faith, but it has to be the basis of our hope or faith means nothing and can have no effect in our lives! I for one believe that faith has the power to save us from sin and I am going to live my life with this truth at the forefront of any battle that comes my way!

Where are you in the battle against sin? Are you alive and kicking, fighting the good fight to the end? I hope this is the case!

Lord Jesus, thank you for the victory over sin that you give me in Baptism. Help me to appropriate this grace every time I need to overcome temptation and sin in my life.