Today’s Gospel reading clearly tells us that we all have choices in front of us regarding the gift of salvation God offers to us all. Jesus tells the people that they have to make a choice and then to persevere in that choice. Salvation is a gift that is offered to all men and women, but it will only lead to our personal salvation if we accept the gift and choose to live according to it.

Salvation comes to those who recognize that they cannot save themselves from their sins and turn to God for help in this matter. Learning to entrust our lives and all that goes along with them into the hands of God is the most important lesson we will ever learn. It is not so much a matter of being able to understand all that goes into making up our salvation but whether or not we are willing to trust God in this matter and follow where he leads us.

Salvation is a gift that comes to those who have faith. It is not about knowledge or power or wisdom or influence – it is simply about choosing to believe what God tells us about our lives and living by our faith in him. This will call for great sacrifices from each of us as we are challenged to put behind us the ways and temptations of sin. We will all have to make a stand for righteousness and live our lives in pursuit of truth and right  and not just go along with the crowd who may or may not be doing God’s will!

Jesus called his disciples to make extraordinary sacrifices to follow him; it will be no different for us! The examples of the lives of the saints tell us that things have not changed in this regard, namely being a disciple will require us to witness to the world the life-changing power of faith in Jesus Christ.

What sorts of choices am I making in my life today? Am I choosing for Christ and his truth or have I allowed myself to be seduced by the ways and thinking of the world?

Lord jesus, send me your Holy Spirit to lead and guide me in your ways of truth and love so that I might truly be your disciple.