Is 66: 10-14c True peace will come to the world only when all men and women accept and know Jesus as Savior and Lord. Peace must first come to the heart of the individual before it will be fully manifest in the world. This is why it is so important that all people get the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel as this is the only way that either of the above two sorts of peace will endure in our lives.

Jesus, help me to open my heart to your love so that I can learn to be at peace with myself and thus start to help the world come to peace with itself as well.

Gal 6: 14-18 The ultimate instrument and most powerful advocate of peace is the cross of Jesus Christ! It is through the cross we are reconciled to the Father; it is through the same cross we are reconciled to one another – all through Jesus’ passion and death! The power of the cross is something we Christians need to learn how to use in a better way. It is the source of the grace of forgiveness, which of course, is also rooted in God’s love. We need to learn how to draw from this wellspring of grace such that our hearts will be melted by the love of God and thus overwhelmed by the desire to become men and women of peace.

Holy Spirit, help me to learn how to access the grace available to me through the cross of Jesus Christ.

Lk 10: 1-12. 17-20 Jesus sends his disciples out to proclaim the Gospel. Paul tells us that we preach a crucified Christ. Alphonsus Ligouri reminds us that we should meditate upon the cross of Jesus every day. Why? Because, as I have said above, the cross of Jesus is the source of grace when it comes to so many aspects of the Christian life. We need to drink deeply from its never-ending source of grace and so be empowered to live the Christian life to the full.

Holy Spirit, I am trusting in you to help me with all of this! Teach me how to drink from the wellspring of grace that is the cross of Christ.