One of the great tragedies of sin is that it has caused us to be distanced from the presence of God. We now have difficulty in seeing God and recognizing His presence in our lives. If we were sinless, we would be able to see and approach God on a much easier and more relaxed basis. One of the great blessings of the Incarnation is that through the life and mission of Jesus, His passion, death and resurrection, we gain greater access to the presence of God. Jesus reveals the Father to us through the witness of His life and love.

Jesus is able to do this because He is one with God and as He often reveals in the Scriptures, to see Him is to see the Father precisely because of this union. The other side of the revelatory coin is that Jesus, being fully human as well as fully divine, also reveals to us what it means to be human! This is one of the most common recurring themes in the writings of Pope John Paul II. He constantly calls the Church back to reflection upon the fact that Jesus Christ reveals to us what it means to be human as well as who the Father is to us. This is important as both of these abilities are necessary if He is to be able to mediate salvation to us.

Jesus is the sole mediator between humanity and God precisely because He is the only one who is both fully human and fully divine. No one else could possibly do what He has done. Therefore, if we are to be able to hear and know God’s will for our lives, it is only through the mediation of Christ that this is possible. Through Jesus we come to know the heart of God for His people in a new and powerful way. Through Jesus and relationship with Him we are called into a union with God that was only a dream before the Incarnation. It is now possible for us to exclaim not only that God lives among His people but also, one of us is God!!

It is this latter expression of the truth that will give rise to the reflections of the Fathers of the Church, particularly the Cappadocian Fathers, Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory Nanzianzan and Basil, that the supreme dignity of the human person is found in their call to become like God; a reflection that is derived from the call to surrender our lives into a communion of the spirit with God.

Am I aware of the dignity that Christ has given me through the incarnation? Do I respect my life and body with this truth in mind?

Holy Spirit, help me to deepen in the knowledge of the truth that I am made in the image and likeness of God. Help me to realize the dignity this gives me and to live this truth every day of my life.