There is little doubt that Jesus knows that He will die at the hands of sinful men. Exactly how much of the finer details He was aware is up for speculation. After Peter’s profession of faith Jesus prophesies that e will suffer, die and be raised from the dead. He does not want His disciples to have to cope with all of this without some sort of preparation. Jesus does His best to prepare them for the tremendous shock that it will be to see Him die.


The fact that He affirms Peter’s profession of faith is further evidence to this effect as such an affirmation of His identity as the Messiah would surely bring a lot of comfort and hope to the disciples.


As we attempt to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and His disciples it is important for us to realize that if suffering comes our way, then we can know that Jesus went through it first! Jesus has prepared the way for us wherever our particular path leads us and His promise is that e will never leave our side.


Te prophecy of His passion needs to be read in conjunction with His sentiments expressed in Luke 12:48-50 where He states that He looks forward to this moment because He knows that His death is the pivotal event around which our salvation will be accomplished. The heart of Jesus is very much committed to our salvation no matter what the cost is to Himself, and it could not be greater. This demonstration of love ought to give us confidence and hope as we live our lives in the victory won for us on the cross; surrounded by the love of God which knows no bounds.


As we seek commit ourselves to a life of discipleship, let us prepare ourselves for all that lies ahead of us, the good and the bad, the joyful and the sorrowful. Jesus did so for us, now it is our turn to do so for Him.


Have I ever contemplated what it must have been like for Jesus to know that He was going to die for us? I wonder how I would respond in such a situation?


Lord Jesus, your love for the Father and for us kept your eyes, mind and heart fixed on obedience to your Father’s will. Grant me the grace to have the same sort of focus as I live as your disciple.