1 Kgs 17:7-16 The widow who feeds Elijah in this story becomes for us an example of generosity to others but the story also tells us that God will not be outdone in generosity. The jars of meal and oil will remain miraculously full until the drought breaks and the widow is able to obtain food elsewhere. The lesson here is that if we give all we have in the service of God’s will we can be sure that God will provide for our needs.

Jesus, it is never easy to let go of control of things in my life. Help me to know that when I entrust my life to you that this is the best decision I can make as you will always seek the best for me.

Mt 5:13-16 Lights are designed to do exactly that – light up the way from one point to another. When we talk about our lives being a light for others we are speaking of being living examples of faith that will help others come to know and experience the love of God in their lives. This is the call of all Christians, namely to be a light to the world of the truth of God’s love and to proclaim his promises to the ends of the earth.

Jesus, thank you for giving me the grace to be a light to others. Help me to live a life of virtue and love so that all I do will lead others to you.