The genealogy of Jesus serves to remind us that Jesus is a part of the human race. Here is a list of His ancestors. In the Early Church, and still today, there are those who claim to be Christian and yet they deny either the divinity or the humanity of Christ. The Early Church Councils were very careful in their deliberations to ensure that there is no doubt about what the true nature (or natures) of Jesus – He is both fully human AND fully divine!

Jesus’ divinity is essential to the role that He plays as our Savior. Our sin has the tragic consequence of separating us from God in such a way that a human being alone is unable to bridge the chasm that is formed by the sin. Since God is infinitely good, any sin against Him causes irreparable or infinite damage to our relationship with Him. Such a gap can only be bridged by person who is divine and, therefore, not constrained by the problems of infinity! Jesus is this Man!

On the other side of the coin, so to speak, our Savior had to be fully human, as in the words of one of the Fathers of the Church, ‘that which is not assumed by Christ will not be redeemed by Him.’ That is, Jesus assumes our mortal state precisely in order to redeem it from the mess of our sin!

Thus, in the very simple terms I have explained above, we can see the necessity for Jesus to be both fully human and fully divine. In His humanity Jesus experiences the fullness of our human reality from life in the womb until His death on the cross. He knows what our human existence entails. This is why, as the Son of God, in His divinity, He is able to redeem us! In our theology and spirituality we must always be careful to respect the truth that Jesus is both divine and human. We cannot afford to collapse one into the other or else we will end up with either a God who is irrelevant to our dilemma of sin or a good man who would like to save us but cannot.

As Christians we believe that we have been given new life in Baptism. How well do I live this new life? Do I truly live as a son or daughter of God?

Holy Spirit, help me to understand more fully the many mysteries of my faith so that in understanding them better, I will be more fully able to live them out in my life.