Mark makes it quite clear from the beginning of the Gospel that Jesus is a man on a mission. “We have to go and proclaim the Good News to other towns and cities” is clearly the modus operandi in Jesus’ mind and so it should be in our minds as well. We should always have a mind to where and how we can next be sharing the Gospel. That is, not a day should go by without our looking for an opportunity to encourage others to join us in our pilgrimage to the Kingdom of God.

This does not mean that we actually have to do this every day, but it would be good if we able to bring others into the Kingdom of God on a daily basis, but that we should be prepared to do this if and when the opportunity arises. Another way of looking at this is to realize that we should all be praying for the grace to develop hearts after that of the Father who desires and is willing to do anything and everything in order that all be saved.

The heart of Jesus, along the lines of that of the Father, is revealed to us through the Gospels. Let us be aware of this as we read Scriptures so that we will grow daily in our knowledge of and likeness to God. I believe that this is one of the things that the saints do so well. They are adept at incorporating all that they learn from the Word of God into their lives. Their first disposition towards God’s Word is to welcome it into their hearts rather than question and analyze it with their minds. The mind can be a stumbling block to us if it gets out of control. We must always seek to bring our hearts to the fore when it comes to reading the Scriptures.

Jesus is a man of the heart – a heart that is one with His Father in Heaven. This does not mean that we deny our intellect or treat it as something that is evil or out of control – only that we need to recognize that on its own our mind can be source of distraction or temptation. To follow Christ faithfully, we will have to get our hearts and minds working together in the mission and life that the Lord wants us to live.

What is the mission in life that God has planned for me? How am I preparing myself to fulfill this mission?

Jesus, you were, and still are united heart and mind with your Father in Heaven. Help me to enter into the same sort of union so that I will know and be faithful to the mission you have prepared for me.