2 Kgs 11:1-4.9-18.20  The Old Testament times were seemingly often bloody and violent. How do we understand this in terms of the proclamation that God is a God of love? I have always found this question a bit of a mystery but I find some consolation in the idea that the peoples’ understanding of God changed over the centuries as they grew in relationship with him. That is, the demands of a life of love and forgiveness took quite a long time to be understood by the people. This is why the Church understands that revelation ended with the death of the last apostle.

Jesus, as I grow in understanding of your love for me I discover I also grow in the refinement of my response to your love. Help me to always grow deeper in love for you and for this depth to express itself in the witness of my life.

Mt 6:19-23      Jesus is always calling his disciples to focus on the life to come and not the pleasures of this mortal life. This mortal life is a passing reality and though we have to engage in it to a certain degree daily, we must ensure that our attention is not taken away from the goal of this life – preparation for eternal life. Let us seek to remain faithful to this goal in all we do and say.

Jesus, you set the standard and example for all to follow in terms of detachment from the things of this world and focusing solely upon the will of your Father. Inspire me to follow your example.