We see in today’s Gospel that the people were wondering whether or not Jesus was the Messiah. There were many signs that seemed to point in this direction, however, the authorities were holding out. They insisted that Jesus was not the Messiah and were conspiring to rid themselves of this troublesome self-proclaimed prophet and preacher.


Sometimes, maybe even most of the time, it can be difficult to be absolutely sure about what God is saying to us and asking us to do. If we wait for certainty before we act, we will probably never get around to doing anything! I like to work on the supposition that if I start down a certain path and it is the wrong one that God will somehow show me that this is the case. That is, if I come to a door in my life and it is open I walk through it. If it is locked I assume that God does not want me to go down that path, at least, not yet!


This may seem an overly simplistic way of discerning God’s will, however, I think it has a lot going for it primarily because we are always trying to move forward. I believe that God is especially willing to honor this attempt at faithfulness to His will. Secondly, I think the simpler the methods of discernment, the better and more effective they are. I love mathematics and there is an unwritten law in mathematics and science in general that the simplest way to solve a problem is the best way to do it! We human beings are prone to error and thus it is wise to keep things as simple as possible!


Jesus lived a very uncomplicated sort of life. We do not find Him performing all sorts of tricks and contortions in order to discover His Father’s will. He simple goes to the Farther in prayer and, on hearing what His will is, immediately seeks to put it into practice in the simplest and most effective way possible. Jesus provides a good example for us in this regard that we would do well to imitate. I have met many confused Christians whose confusion was largely a result of complicating their lives unnecessarily when it comes to trying to discern God’s will.


I think we can work on the principle that God does not want to hide His will from us and thus He will reveal it to us in the simplest and most effective way possible – if we are willing to listen to His word and put it into practice in our lives.


How faithful am I in seeking God’s will for my life? Do I give God the opportunity to reveal His will to me or do I just do what I want to do?


Lord Jesus, I know that you have a plan for my life. Help me to discover what it is so that I can do my best to follow it. I pray for the grace to be able to hear you speak to me and to then be obedient to your will.