Fear is a terribly debilitating thing. It can freeze a person up so much that they are incapable of functioning at all. We have probably seen this in action when a child freezes during a public speaking exercise. Fear can work in similar ways to ‘freeze’ our emotions, our psyche or even our spiritual life. Jesus is afraid of no one and nothing at all! Why? Jesus knows that he is loved by his Father in Heaven, and that is enough basis for him to go about his mission and not worry about the consequences of what he does. He knows that if he remains obedient then, in the end, the Father will vindicate him.

Jesus’ attitude to life is an example we should all seek to emulate. If we can imitate him in this we will be well on the way to becoming saints! I believe that one of the most power things a saint is able to do is to set his or her mind on what God wants for them and then set about doing it without allowing themselves to be distracted by the demands and pressures of the world. The most important thing you can achieve in your life is obedience to God’s will. With this, all things are possible; without it, everything becomes difficult and often impossible. We hold the power of choice in our own hands. God can do no more at this point until we decide to surrender our lives to his will and walk the path of discipleship, or otherwise.

This is why it is so important for parents to be placing the examples of the lives of the saints before their children to inspire them along this path. Otherwise, all our children will have to guide them are the very fallible and often outright sinful lives of the secular movie stars and sportsmen and women. Role models are essential to children or else they will end up following the current fad, whim or fancy. This will be disastrous for their spiritual growth as such things are rarely based in the Gospel values of truth and life.

Jesus tells us that He is the way, the Truth and the Life. The Church tells us that the saints are pre-eminent examples of Christian living. Let us be firm in our decision to follow Jesus and emulate the saints in this, fearing nothing because we know we are walking according to the will of God.

When was the last time I asked myself whether or not I am following the path God wants me to follow?

Jesus, show me the way to eternal life. Help me to follow you faithfully and without error so that I will become a saint, an example of holiness for others to see and emulate.