As we celebrate today the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we celebrate the choice of God to preserve Mary from sin so that she would be a holy vessel to carry his Son in her womb. This is a fairly obvious choice on God’s part and it further identifies Mary as being first among all the disciples of Jesus.

Mary my mother, pray for me to God that I will follow both the example of Jesus and yours in being obedient to the Father’s will for my life.

Lk 2: 41-51 Mary truly has a heart for all of us as her children. I am sure she intercedes for us all and constantly places our needs before her Son, Jesus. Let us always seek to honor Mary’s role in the mystery of our salvation and follow her example as best we can. Mary, please seek special graces for all mothers in the world that they may be the best of mothers in caring for their children as best they can.

Holy Spirit, help me to be inspired by Mary’s example of perseverance through many trials and difficulties and so grow in faith and hope.