Gn 3: 9-15. 20 Today is a Holy Day of Obligation in the Philippines as today is one of the patronal feasts of the Philippines. Yes, it does seem that we are celebrating a feast that ascribes to Mary an unfair advantage, but she would still have had to deal with temptation like the rest of us, perhaps even more so as I am sure the Devil would have worked very hard to deflect her from her destiny to become the Mother of God.

Mary, pray for me so that I might have the single-mindedness of heart you had for the will of God. Help me to be inspired by your purity of love and so grow in holiness today.

Eph 1: 3-6. 11-12 The first three chapters of the Letter to the Ephesians proclaim the wonder and glory of God and his plan of salvation. Each one of us has a part to play in this plan. God has assigned a job to us all. Are we going to be faithful enough to complete it or will he have to find an alternative way to get our job done? God does not ask anyone else to do what Mary did because she was obedient to his will. Let us pray that the same will be true for us.

Mary, pray for me that I may follow your example of obedience and so accomplish whatever it is that God is asking me to do.

Lk 1: 26-38 One of the keys to Mary’s obedience is her humility. Humility means to live our lives by and in the truth of God. It has nothing to do with being less or unworthy than someone else. We are all unworthy of the gift of salvation; we are all subordinate to Jesus. If we want to grow in humility let us ask for the grace to do exactly what Jesus asks us to do – nothing more and nothing less.

Mary, you did not understand what iot was God was asking of you but you submitted your life to his will. Help me to surrender all to the will of God in my life.