Sometimes I lie down on the couch and wonder what my life would have been like if only I had placed my life in the hands of the Holy Spirit a lot earlier than I actually did! This is pretty much a complete waste of time! It could even be seen as bordering on sin as it is not going to accomplish anything. What might have been is not going to change the future. The only thing that I am capable of influencing in regards to the future is what I do with my life from this day forward.

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells His disciples that they are truly blessed in that they have been able to experience and witness the things that they have in His ministry and life. When I think about it, the disciples were incredibly privileged to have been able to meet Jesus in the flesh and experience first-hand His saving work. However, there is no use wishing that I was there too, no matter how nice that might have been. What I need to do is exactly what Jesus is implicitly telling His disciples to do, namely get on with the task of proclaiming the Gospel USING THE GIFTS, TALENTS AND EXPERIENCES THAT I HAVE AT MY DISPOSAL.

Daydreaming about what could have been or what might be if … is not going to bring the Gospel any closer to those who need to hear it! Each one of us must grasp hold of the opportunities we are given, both small and great, and then use them to the best of our ability to draw people into the love of god and the gift of salvation.

I may not have seen Jesus in person, but I have certainly experienced His power at work in my life to bring me to conversion. Ultimately, this is all that is necessary! It might have been nice if … but ‘ifs’ so often have a habit of not being realities. That each person is desperately in need of the Gospel for salvation is a reality and it ids this reality that we must concern ourselves with if we are going to be of any use to the Kingdom of God.

How real am I in the way I follow Jesus? Do I spend more time dreaming about how I will serve the Lord than actually doing anything concrete to proclaim the Gospel?

Holy Spirit, set me on fire for the Gospel. Set me ablaze with the love of Christ. Help me to share the Good News wherever I go, and to whom ever I meet.