Hannah is a very smart and faithful woman. She knows who has the answers to the question and problem that plagues her life. She knows the answer does not lie in the wosdom and practices of the world; it is only God who can help her with her troubles. Therefore she sets off for the Temple to pray. As if she does not have enough problems, Eli thinks she is drunk! However, God hears her prayers and comes to her aid.

Each of us will face a similar situation in our own lives. We will be confronted with seemingly insurmountable problems and we will be faced with the choice to fall into despair and give up, or plkace our problem beofre God and await his solution. It is obvious that the second option is the better choice. In fact, it is the only path that will lead to an answer.

Perhaps the most difficult thing we can be asked to do is to entrust everything to God; the truth is this is the only way we will truly live and experience the life that God has planned for us. We can choose a path of self-sufficiency for our lives and we might have a very satisfied exisitence. However, look at it this way, if this is how good life can be without God being the center and guide of all things, then how much more satisfying and blessed could my life be if God was the center and master of every aspect of it? Thi sis soemthing we have to consider carefully because the way we choose not only has immediate consequences in the experience of ourlife on earth, but it could also have eternal consequences if we deliberately choose a life of sin.

Hannah is a wonderful example of a woman of faith; there are countless others in the Scriptures, the rolecall of the saints and so on. Let us look to the examples of their lives in order to be inspired to give our lives to God in imitation of these holy men and women.

Who is the master of my life? Do I rely on God for guidance in my life?

Father, thank you for the example the lives of the saints are to me. Help me to follow them as best I can.