There is an old saying to the effect that the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. In other words, our own lot in life often seems to be less attractive than those around us. When it comes to our Christian lives this cannot be the case! Well, it may seem to be that another person has the better part of God’s will, however, we can know that that is not true simply because god’s will is perfect for us no matter what that will may be! Do we believe this? If we do not then it is time to beg God for the grace to believe it. I suggest that the best reading available on this topic is that of the life of St Therese of Lisieux. Her whole life is built on the principle of loving God in and through all the little events and things that go to making up one’s life. It does not matter how insignificant any of them individually or collectively may seem, this is where God wants you now; right at the centre of His perfect will!

God does not ask us to dream great dreams of conquest and conversion. He asks us to listen to His voice, to hear His will for our lives and to put it into practice. As Jesus says elsewhere in the Gospels, it is those who do the will of Hid Father in Heaven that are the most blessed of all people here on earth. Therefore, we should not bother to measure our lives by the standards of the world. We should not aspire to greatness in the eyes of the world either. Yes, we should aspire to do great things … for God and according to His perfect will. Aspirations to greatness in the eyes of the world are more likely to lead us astray than into the Kingdom of God.

Going back to Therese of Lisieux, we find that she advocates The Little Way to God. It is the way of simple and immediate obedience to God in the little things of our lives. This is the best preparation for big things if that is what God has planned for us. If we are unable to be obedient in little and insignificant things, how will God be able to entrust us with the important ones? Let us be content with God’s will for us and not seek after things that may be beyond us and even lead to our downfall.

How content am I in my life at the moment? Am I being obedient to God in the little things of my life?

Lord Jesus, your first and foremost concern was to bring to fruition your Father’s will for your life. You did not seek to convert the whole world by yourself. You did not seek to take any shortcuts. You were content to entrust yourself to your Father’s will. Help me, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, to do the same.