Jesus arrives only to find that Lazarus has already died. Martha then makes an interesting comment when she speaks to Jesus saying that she does not believe he would have died if Jesus had come earlier. She does not seem to be accusing Jesus of anything, just recognizing that his presence would have made a difference for Lazarus.We see here a latent faith in the resurrection something that Jesus now draws out and makes explicit. He then calls out to Lazarus and raises him from the dead!

Jesus is not just all about words and pious platitudes – he has the power to transform a situation in ways that no man before him has ever demonstrated. It is a miracle such as this one that gives credence to the claim that Jesus was raised from the dead by the Father. If Jesus can raise Lazarus from the dead, and there is no doubt in the minds of the people there that he is dead and has been dead for a number of days already, then it is a simple step to believing that God the Father has the power to do the same for his Son, Jesus.

It is important that we reflect upon the hope of the resurrection as I believe it is this belief that helps set Christianity apart from other religions. It is an extraordinary belief to complete and to put one’s life under its promise! Yet this is what our faith demands of us – belief in the impossible (to man at any rate) and trust in the that which seems to be highly improbable. Perhaps it is not such a strange thing to demand when we consider that 99% of those who use computers would find it impossible to explain how one works. Yet we are quite willing to entrust our lives to computers in many different ways. At least it is possible to have a relationship with God – this is not the case with a computer!

Martha expresses her belief in the resurrection and Jesus tells her that it is through him, he who is the resurrection and the life, that she will experience the resurrection. This is both now, in the life of Lazarus, and later when she will pass from this life.

How does my belief in the resurrection form the dead govern the way I make choices in and live my life?

Father, thank you for the promise of the resurrection. Help me to be so inspired by this promise that I will never hesitate to be obedient to all you ask of me.