One of my fondest memories is that of having Christmas lunch with the brothers in Australia. It was a tradition within our community that we open our home to those who were less fortunate and to share Christmas with us. It was a very joyful occasion and full with food, laughter and celebration. There were many characters that we would invite, those whom you would rather pass by in the street. But it was these simple and humble folk that made it all the more joyous feast that it was. At the end of our celebration they would be fighting over the food to bring home. So much for kindness and sharing and humility!
Jesus teaches us today how we are to act at table when we are invited to a party. To take the lowest place, to sit and eat with the less fortunate. He teaches us the way of hospitality – which a common theme flowing through the Gospel of Luke.
Jesus also teaches us about the grace of humility which seems to have vanished into thin air these days! St Francis of Assisi taught that humility is knowing who God is and knowing who I am. Humility is not a matter of being humiliated. It is a matter of taking the lower place in the sight of God and others. Jesus humbled himself, as St. Paul tells us, and it was God who raised him to be Leader and Saviour, the perfecter of our faith (2nd reading today). What great reward there is in being humble. It doesn’t hurt to be humble.
Humble yourself before the Lord and he will draw near to you; Cast your worries upon Him because he is looking after you” (1 Pet.3)

Where do I see the pride operating in my life? Can I choose to be humble?

Lord, give me right faith, certain hope and perfect charity. Amen (St. Francis of Assisi)