The official who is seeking the healing of his child is obviously a man of great faith. I wonder at times how strong my faith really is? I wonder what will happen when and/or if it gets tested in ways that are far more difficult than I have experienced up until this time? Will I be able to maintain faith through a prolonged and difficult time of suffering or desolation?


I hope and pray that my faith will never be tested by such difficult experiences. However, should it be, then I pray that I will be able to fall back on the truth and promise of the Scriptures that God will never test us beyond our strength. This promise that we read in the writings of St Paul is a great consolation and a source of infinite hope, when I reflect upon it I find within it the promise (almost) that I will never be overcome by unbelief or the temptations of the Devil. Yes, it will always be possible that I may renounce my faith, but such an act would be virtually unthinkable if I can just cling to, even if it is only just, the truth that God will always give us the strength to endure whatever temptation comes our way.


It is so important that we all seek the grace and power (of the will) to cling to the many truths and promises of the Scriptures. This is why God has preserved his Word for us in the Scriptures – so that we are able to know his love and care for us; so that we are empowered to become his disciples and always have available to us the necessary means to grow in our faith in him.


Jesus had to cling to his knowledge of the love of his Father as he suffered and died for us. We see his struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane. We will all have our Gethsemane moments. It is important that we ensure that we do our best to cling to our faith and trust in God so that we will endure them and come to the experience of the resurrection when the suffering is finished.


How many times have I thought of giving up on my faith because of suffering or hardship? Did I give up? How can I strengthen my faith and trust in God so that I will be less likely to give up in the future?


Jesus, you have experienced the temptation to despair during your Passion. Help me to see in you the example of faith and trust I need to overcome all my temptations.