HONOR YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER        Sir.44.1, 10-15

Today we honor the parents of Mary. Tradition has named them as Joachim and Anne.
In the Ten Commandments God gives to his people, we note that we are to honor the mother and father. There is a reward attached to this –so that all may be well and they we might have long life. Throughout the pages of the Bible one is constantly reminded of the dignity and respect of this commandment. St Paul urges children to obey their parents

It is right and fitting that we honor Joachim and Anne on this day. Their lives will live on in each generation for they image to us the model of true parenting. They loved and cherished Mary, their daughter. They would have taught her at a young age the truths of the faith. They prepared the soil of her life for God to bring blessing and grace into her life. We honor their devotion, their marriage, their love for each other and their love of God.

As Ben Sirach tells us in the first reading, their virtues have not been forgotten. The parent pass on many traits to their children we are to be open to the virtues, those qualities blessed with the grace of God. How often do we hear the comment, he or she is just like their father or mother? Their names will live on. The author tells us even when they have been gone from our sight still they will live on. They will be remembered in the gathering of the people, their wisdom retold and their praise proclaimed. They will remain in those who are left behind.

Our parents have looked after us in the days of our youth; they fed and nourished us physically and spiritually. We owe then much for what they have given to us. Some of us have had poor parenting because of their lack of time and support. Perhaps we lost our parents when we were young. Some do not know who their parents are. Parents give us a sense of identity. They offer security. They offer and give us life here on this earth. Whether they are good or bad they gave what they could. Their purpose was to image to us the love and faithfulness of God

Think about your own parents, living or dead. Thank God for their lives and remember the virtues. Seek to live them and allow those virtues to flourish in your own life

God, I wish to obey your commandments. I thank you for the gift of my parents, living or dead. Grant them your peace and love Amen.