Acts 11:21-26; 13:1-3             Barnabas played an important role in introducing Paul, and therefore testifying to the authenticity of his conversion and intention to serve the Early Church, to the apostles. It does not bear thinking about what would have happened if the other apostles had rejected Paul! We should thank God they had the sense and wisdom not to do that. The work of the Kingdom of God is always a collaborative work in that none of us can do it or even survive on our own. We need to share and partake in the gifts of one another to successfully proclaim the Gospel.

Holy Spirit, keep me always living in the truth of the Gospel. Help me to be committed to using the gifts I have been given for the benefit of the whole Church and not just for myself.

Mt 10:7-13      We are all called to be evangelists in our own way and according to our gifts and situations in life.  No two people have exactly the same calling and so we cannot expect to be able to copy the way another person lives. Yes, we can look up to the saints as models for our lives but each of us will have to apply the principles we learn form the saints to our own particular situations.

Jesus, you show us that a life of discipleship begins and ends in love. The middle is all about obedience to the will of the Father. Help me to embrace this life of obedience.