The feast we celebrate today has its origins in the promulgation by Pope Pius XII. In his encyclical Munificentissimus Deus he teaches that Mary at the end of her earthly life “was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory…” The Assumption, otherwise known as the Dormition, is not to be mixed up with the Ascension. Mary was taken up, assumed into heaven with the assistance of heavenly beings. Jesus ascended into heaven, without any assistance. By his own power, He was exalted to the right hand of the Father.
Mary, her body and soul now in heaven graciously intercedes for us. For where she is, we hope to follow. Her role as Queen is most powerful in effecting grace and assistance for our life journey towards heaven. As with any queen figure, whose intercession and authority before the King are well noticed, how much more the favours granted us by the intercession from the Queen of heaven. Mary’s role in heaven is unique for us. She stands before Jesus as one of us, interceding for us. She in her humanity now exalted in heaven is a great hope for us.
One of the popular pious acts in the Philippines is the floral offering to Mama Mary. It is a much nicer gesture and well-meaning when one is to offer something of our own to Mary. Flowers, fruits, donations for the poor are ways of showing our affection for the Mother who would want us to show this devotion to others less fortunate than ourselves. The scene in the Gospel reminds us of the great act of charity Mary showed her relative, Elizabeth. Having been filled with the Spirit and given such a wonderful gift she shows love and devotion to one in need of assistance. She glorifies the name of God in her love and service to Elizabeth. Mary, in untiring love and service remains with her relative for three months. No doubt, she was there to celebrate the birth of Elizabeth’s child, John.
Mary’s life of love and service is a great model for us to imitate. She goes out of her way, travelling miles on foot just to be with her relative. Mary, who is in most need of rest also, looks beyond herself and is engaged in a wonderful chartable act. In addition, her reward is great for this. Not only does she give birth to the Savour she is assumed in heavenly glory at the end of her life. A just reward for a wonderful life spent in love of neighbour and service to God

What act of charity can we do today in honor of Mary?

Mary, with your heart of gratitude and praise may I spread the good news of Gods love now and always. Amen