There is so much in this world for which we should be thankful! However, the daily advances in the technological and biological sciences are not necessarily a blessing if there are not used in accordance with the principle of the absolute dignity of human life. Just because  we CAN do something, technologically or biologically speaking, does not necessarily mean that we MAY do it morally speaking. This principle is not knew to humanity’s understanding and nor is its application to real-life situations. We have had the ability to kill one another from time immemorial yet society has always recognised the truth of the commandment – Thou Shall not Kill.

We live in a world where it is possible to terminate the life of the unborn child at will. More and more the ability to do this is being sanctioned in our legal systems. We talk of the Jewish Holocaust of WWII, the massacres in Rwanda and in the countries that were once a part of Yugoslavia – yet we hear little said about the millions who die every year as a result of abortion and infanticide. Why is this?

I think it has something to do with our desire to control our lives down to the last possible measure. Control and power over life and the things of life is presented to us as a good by our modern technological and materialistic society. We gain power and satisfaction from controlling the physical things in our lives and slowly even our bodies are succumbing to this lie!

Control and power are a lie unless they are placed completely in the service of truth and love. When they are used outside the realms of truth and love they will ultimately destroy the persons or even the society using them in such a manner. Our civilisation will stand and fall on this principle. Unless we re-anchor our hearts and minds in the truth of what Jesus teaches us about who we are as human persons – unless we are willing to place our knowledge and power in submission to God’s truth – I think we will find that our society will become less and less a society of love and more and more a society ruled by technology and control.

How can I bring about greater love and truth in the world? What can I do to honour more fully the fundamental truth of the dignity of all human life?

Holy Spirit, Jesus sent you to lead us to the truth. Help me to find the truth in the midst of a world with so many ‘authorities’ in order that I may build my life, and encourage others to build theirs, on the rock of your truth and love for me.