1 Kgs 18: 20-39                      Elijah is confronted with what must have been a daunting task – he is all alone in taking on the numerous prophets of Baal! Yet, does Elijah flinch? No! He heads straight into the battle and tackles the problem head on. We will often be confronted with challenges and difficulties in our lives. Let us pray for the grace of God to be more like Elijah in believing in our capacity to defeat them.

Jesus, you overcame every difficulty you confronted and was always ready for the next one. Help me to have confidence and trust in your grace that I can be victorious too.

Mt 5: 17-19  Jesus comes to bring the fullness of the revelation of God’s love for us and part of this is fulfilling the Law. In fulfilling the Law Jesus does not abolish it but place it before us as a challenge to fulfill as well. Ultimately the Law is all about loving God and our neighbor. Let us pray that we will grow in our capacity to do this every day.

Lord Jesus, I like a challenge as it stretches me to grow in my faith. Help me to let go of any doubts as to my capacity to fulfill your trust in me.