The title of this reflection is critical to the life of disciple of Jesus. Jesus tells us that ‘the ruler of this world’ is coming – that is Satan is alive and kicking so to speak. However, the important thing about all of this is not that Satan is still alive but that he has no power over Jesus, and because of his generosity with us, us as well. Do you believe this, or not? If not, then you are going to find it virtually impossible to grow as a disciple of Jesus; if yes, then the possibilities are endless.


Jesus is aware, even before he has endured his passion, death and resurrection, that he is going to be victorious. He is telling his disciples, and that includes anyone who chooses to follow him, that they will share in his vicory too. Why? So that we will all be able to return to the Father. Sin has separated us from our Father in Heaven – Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden for eating fruit from the tree of Good and Evil; Jesus has come to dwell with us in order to reunite us with his Father. That is why Jesus shares his victory with us – in order to help us on the journey we all have to make to heaven.


As we reflect upon the victory of Christ this Easter we are aware that we are called to not just be spectators of the events but to participate in them and to receive their effects. I doubt there is any more that we could reasonably ask for from God! He has been as generous as he possibly can without taking from us our freewill. It is up to us to use our freewill to make a better choice than Adam and Eve in the Garden. Will we be obedient to the promises of our Baptism, namely to reject Satan and follow Jesus, or will we continue in the rebellious ways of Adam and Eve and so many others?


Holy Spirit, help me to realize that to a certain degree my own destiny is in my hands! Whether I choose to be obedient to the truths of the Gospel or not is solely up to me. Help me to follow Christ as his disciple so that I may share in the rewards and blessings of eternal life.