Quite often the perspective from which we view any given situation is not the correct one. In the Gospel a woman cries out to Jesus stating that His mother must have been a blessed woman. She is right, but for the wrong reasons. She attributes the blessedness of His mother to her physical relationship with Jesus. This may be true, however, there is a greater source of blessedness than that in which Mary shares.

Mary is blessed first and foremost because she was obedient to God’s will for her life. This is the source from which all her other blessings flow. Physical descent from Christian parents by no means assures the Christianity of any person. This is part of one of the problems that plagues the Church today, namely nominal Christianity.

Unless our faith is nurtured well when we are children it is quite likely that it will not last until our adult lives. The home environment is a very important aspect of this nurturing. Without the constant experience of the values of the Gospel being lived in the context of his or her family, it is very difficult for faith to flourish in a child’s heart and mind.

Parents have a tremendous responsibility to provide as good an environment as they can in order to nurture their children’s faith. The Church ought to provide formation and assistance to parents wherever possible to aid in this task.

Each of us, given that we are of a responsible age, ought to take responsibility for our faith to see that it is continually nurtured and challenged to grow by reading the Scriptures regularly. They are a primary source for discovering God’s direction for our lives. At the same time they form our hearts and minds to be more available and receptive to the leadings of the Holy Spirit, the other main source of guidance.

The Christian life is by no means an easy one. Nor can our responsibilities to grow in our faith be taken lightly. Let us pray constantly that we will always do the best we can to respond generously to God’s call upon our lives.

What do I see as the most important aspect of my faith in Jesus Christ? What is the source of my faith? Have I experienced Jesus touching my life personally?

Father in Heaven, thank you for all the many blessings you have given me. I pray that I will be faithful to them by serving you with all my heart, mind, body and soul.