Phil 4: 10-19 Money can become a very contentious subject in religious circles. Personally, I hate dealing with it for precisely this reason! How should we deal with money and wealth as Christians? What should be our priorities when it comes to spending money? I think that it is good to remember that what God wants of us is that we be generous with all that we have. We also have to give a good account of how we spend money so it is important to have transparency in the way it is handled.

 Jesus, help me to avoid the trap of allowing money, or more properly the love of money becoming the focus of my life.

 Lk 16: 9-15 Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world. So go the lyrics of a song in the 1970’s by the Swedish group Abba. It is true! Money is a very slippery thing to handle – used well it is a blessing – abused or allowed to dominate it can be a might curse and even the downfall of a ministry or community. We do not have to look far to find numerous examples of this.

 Jesus, help me to have a healthy respect for both the good money can achieve when used well , and the evils it can foster when out of control. Help me to get my attitude to it right.