I personally believe that we should aim to grow in humility daily! Why so frequently? Well, it is such a difficult task, and we are almost certain to abandon it often, so better that we aim to grow in humility even more often than that so that at least once in a while it actually happens! This is a somewhat convoluted argument but I think you can see the point I am trying to make. My experience of the grace of humility is that it is a very difficult one to grasp and cling to through a period of growth.


There is something in the human psyche that seems to embrace a form of arrogance that shies away from humility and would prefer to ignore the prospect that we ought to ever exercise humility at all. Why? I think that it has something to do with the nature of Original Sin. This sin is really a sin of rebellion that refuses to acknowledge that God is our Master. That is, it is the sin of pride or the refusal to embrace the humility required of a creature in the presence of its creator. We are all guilty of this in one way or another and to one degree – either more or less, it does not matter, it is still the sin of pride at work.


How do we combat pride? The only way to combat pride is through welcoming the opportunities we get to grow in humility. I know that that is not the answer anyone wants to hear but sometimes the truth has to be spoken and addressed. Each of us has countless opportunities to grow in humility but more often or not we watch them pass by or ignore them completely. This is why pride never finds it all that difficult to rear its ugly head in our lives, usually at the most inconvenient of times. The choices we make to avoid the moments when we could grow in humility mean that pride has free range to develop as it likes. This is never going to be a satisfactory situation for a disciple of Jesus as it will constantly stunt any opportunity for growth.


Jesus, help me to open my heart to the opportunities I get to grow in humility; Holy Spirit, help me to embrace these opportunities with a newly found desire to be holy through persevering in growing in humility on a daily basis if possible.