Gal 5: 1-6 Paul make sit quite clear that the opposite to a life characterised by faith in Christ and the Gospel, is a life of slavery to sin and its powers. There is very little, if anything in between! As harsh as this may sound it is true. Yes, faith can deepen and strengthen over time according to individual responses, however, it remains a binary state – namely that we either live by it or not.

Jesus, grant me the grace to live by faith and not according to my own strengths. Help me to surrender every aspect of my life to your grace.

Lk 11: 37-41 It is relatively easy to make one’s life look good from the outside. The real truth of the matter rests on what is going on from within! It is in our hearts and minds that sin finds its origin. Jesus demonstrates an extreme dislike of hypocrisy during his ministry and thus we should be aware of the demand to avoid it in our own response to the Gospel. Let us never be afraid to address the sources of sin in our lives so that we can root it out completely.

Holy Spirit, help me to embrace the fullness of the Gospel call to holiness so that I will hopefully never fall short of the degree of surrender necessary to be your disciple.