Of all the days commemorated in the history of humanity this is the one that has the most profound significance. Today we remember the death on a cross of the Son of God, the Word made flesh. Today we celebrate his death because it signifies, no, is the basis of, the forgiveness of our sins! Without what happened on Calvary nearly 2000 years ago sin and death would still reign supreme in our world, unchecked by the forgiveness of God as manifested in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.


As we gaze upon the crucifix in today’s ceremonies let us ask ourselves what it means for us. How is my life changed by what Jesus did 2000 years ago, and what he continues to do in my life as he offers me the gift of salvation? What is my response to Jesus’ offer of forgiveness for my sins as he hangs on the cross paying the price of my disobedience? What am I doing in my life to help share this truth with others? This may sound like a lot of very heavy questions for one day. It is if this is the only day we reflect upon these truths. It will be ‘par for the course’ so to speak if we regularly reflect upon these questions on a weekly if not daily basis. Too often Christians today leave their Christianity; their living of their faith, to specific times and places. This is wrong. Our faith must permeate our lives in every aspect and at all times. Our lives ought to be a reflection upon the questions of life that have eternal significance far more than they are a living of those aspects of our lives that are passing away. It is a matter of priorities and we will not get the priorities right unless we reflect upon the questions that matter often and seriously.


The Church’s liturgical calendar highlights various moments of Jesus’ life and calls them to our minds and hearts to remind us to reflect upon certain truths. God looks to our response to see how seriously we take our faith. God is inviting us to enter more deeply into the mystery of life with him. Will we accept the invitation or will we remain at a distance from the one who offers us the gift of salvation?


This good Friday, let us spend some time reflecting in silence upon the events that mark the coming of our salvation into our loves and into the world. Let us give thanks to God for this gift of his love and resolve to live the fruits of this gift all the days of our lives.