For the first three days of Holy Week the first readings of the Masses cover the first three of the Servant Songs of Isaiah. Looking back upon them from a Christian perspective, we see prophecies of the future coming of a Messiah. This supports the view that God planned from the beginning to send His Son to redeem us, as He knew we would sin. Even with this foreknowledge, God chose to create us. This demonstrates the depth of His love and commitment to us.


The imagery of this Servant Song is quite wonderful. It seems to draw from the themes of Psalm 139. We are told that God forms each of us from the womb indicating the supreme dignity of human life from the moment of conception. Life is not an accident that just happens randomly it is something that God initiates and forms. When we realize the absolute dignity that Life has, we can begin to understand why God would deem it important enough to send His Son to redeem us.


The Servant also has a corporate personality as well! That is, together, all those who believe in God and can be numbered as His servants, will be a light to the nations. We are thus meant to be a living beacon for all of world to see, a witness to the love that God pours out upon His creation.


When we reflect upon these aspects of the Servant Songs we are challenged to examine our lives and the values that we hold dear to our hearts. Have we been formed well by the Gospel, or have our hearts uncritically taken on the values of the world and been led astray from the Gospel truth? If this has happened, perhaps we need to reevaluate our commitments in the light of the Gospel. As we journey with Jesus to His passion, it is an especially good week to be reflecting on these sorts of things. As we begin to realize a little more deeply the depth of God’s love for us, it is good to ask ourselves the question: “Have we really responded to His love?” If God is as committed as He is, then are we as committed as we should be?


We are all called to be servants of the Lord. He wants us all to be lights to the nations. It is not as if God is asking us to do anything out of the ordinary or anything that He has not already done Himself. Jesus has led the way by example and has shown us that being a servant to God means laying down our lives in the service of all.


Am I willing to lay down my life in the service of God and the Church in imitation of Jesus?


Lord Jesus, your love for the Father and for all people has changed the nature of life. You have made it possible to enter back into a personal relationship with God. Help me to take hold of the opportunities you offer me, not just to love you in return, but to serve you as well.