One of the great dilemmas of Christianity is that its theology is so complex, yet the call to be Christian is so simple! Why the disparity between the two? There is a disparity between the two because God caters for all types of people. There are some who are satisfied with a simple understanding of God and the call to do his will is simply that – discern what God wants you to do and do it! However, there are others who are more interested in plumbing the depths of the nature of God and his relationship with us, his creation and they will not settle for anything less than the best understanding they can get.

Is one the right way, and the other the wrong way? No! Each of us is created as an individual and no two relationships with God are ever going to be the same. It is similar to how some people are happy to put the key in the ignition and drive the car and others want to pull the engine apart and figure out how it all works! One of the critical things to remember is that it is up to the individual to direct the nature of his or her relationship with God – it is not up to us to say what it should be for someone else.

Jesus calls us to entrust ourselves to his mercy and grace and he will give us rest. Taken literally this is a very comforting promise, and we should take it at face value and entrust all to God. However, this does not absolve us of responsibility to work out our salvation in fear and trembleing as Paul tells us in his epistles. There is always a fine line to walk between two heresies at either side of the spectrum and it is here that the life of discipleship lies.

Yes, salvation is a free gift coming from God but it is a gift that is not without consequences for our life. Discipleship is never going to be easy or plain sailing so to speak. We will have our struggles and trials as we seek to implement God’s will in our lives. It is precisely at this point we need to hear God’s call to rest in him and let his grace work in our lives!

Do I have a problem with entrusting my will to God’s will and giving his priority in my life?

Holy Spirit, help me to understand that God’s will is the path of perfection for me and that I should never be afraid to entrust everything to him.