Jude 17. 20b-25          What does it mean ‘to pray in the Holy Spirit?’ There are probably almost as many answers to this question as people you might ask! The key to understanding this idea is to recognize that God is the one who ought to be in control of our prayer lives through the Holy Spirit. Then we can be sure that we are not wasting our time daydreaming or wandering off on all sorts of tangents that lead nowhere.

Jesus, help me to recognize the temptations of the devil as regards my prayer life so that I can reject them and stay on the path you have set for me.

Ps 63: 2. 3-4. 5-6

Mk 11: 27-33 Jesus confounds the chief priests and the scribes with his ability to confront their questions with one of his own. We need to trust that we will be given the right words to speak when we are challenged by secular or even anti-christian polemics. We can be sure that the Holy Spirit will guide our words if we truly trust in him. Some of the most profound statements of theology have come from the mouths of virtually illiterate saints. If God can provide them with wisdom when necessary, surely he will also provide it for us!

Father, thank you for your wisdom and love. Help me to never fear the questions that may be posed to me as I serve you because I know that you will give  me the grace to answer with wisdom.