GOD IS ON OUR SIDE                Isa.7:1-9

With the threat of invasion looming over the nation of Israel it was very easy for Ahaz to “feel shaken”. The heart of King Ahaz “trembled” at the hearing of the news that Assyria was on its way to conquer. Ahaz was caught in a difficult situation – to side with Aram (Syria) and Israel to join coalition against Assyria – or – to side with the Assyrians, a vast and expansive military force. Ahaz, chose to side with the “bigger and better”, i.e. the Assyrians forces, a decision condoned by Isaiah. Isaiah tried to stop Ahaz from joining a counter alliance with the army.

Ahaz is encouraged by Isaiah to stand firm in faith. Even though the Kingdom was falling around him, as it literally was, with the extension of the Assyrians taking over the Northern Kingdom and moving into attack Jerusalem. What great faith Ahaz needed in this God who would save him, even when everything seemed to proclaim the opposite. God was on their side and would bring about the destruction of the enemy

At often times in our lives we too can seem intimidated by the powers looming over us. The power of sin produces fear and our lives become governed by the impending disasters we see before us. The enemy of our human nature, Satan, can seemingly have all the power in the world to destroy and steal from us the peace of God. The devil is prowling around like a lion looking for someone to eat. We must stand up in faith and be vigilant. We see the power of sin in our lives and can too easily be persuaded to give into weakness and despondency.

We need to be encouraged that God is on our side. He will not test us beyond our strength but will always giver us the grace needed to fight the battle of sin and darkness. In the Lords Prayer we pray that we will not be put to the test – but we also acknowledge that God provides us with the daily bread and provision needed to walk the walk of faith.
We can have two reactions when things come against us as they surely will. We will either shake as did Ahaz at the impending forces approaching his domain, or we can place our faith in God who saved and delivered his people. Jesus has won the victory for us. We need to accept this and place our trust in God. As St Paul states in his letter to the Romans, “if God is for us who can be against us” – God is on our side

What are those looming forces in my life? Where is fear dominant in our lives? Where do I fail to place my trust in the Lord and succumb to the deception of the enemy?

God my Father, you uphold my life. I am safe in your arms of love. Hold me close and never let me be afraid. You are with me you are on my side. Amen.