GOD IS GOOD                Wis.12:13, 16-19

God is so good. Goodness is an attribute of God. God cannot be anything else but Good. God is the Highest Good, as Aquinas teaches us. God is infinitely good and in all actions God reveals good (Catholic Catechism, art.385). God manifests his goodness to us in creation, scriptures, Church, family. Most of all, God has revealed this goodness, uniquely and providently, in the sending of his only son, Jesus.

In the book of Genesis, they first book of the Bible; we read an account concerning the action of God in creation. God rejoices and see all is good. God, in creating man and woman notices and observes that this part of creation, the pinnacle of all creation is “very good” (Gem.1). Everything that God creates is good. There is no darkness or disorder in the works and being of God. There is no god like our God, as the author of the book of Wisdom tells us. God is Lord of heaven and earth, the Almighty God, the Creator, the one whom we can call, Father. God cares for his creation in every way. God is compassionate in his goodness. God is ready to forgive, slow to anger, rich in kindness.

This goodness of God is for us to take hold of. We are to see in the exemplary life and teachings of Christ the way of goodness. There is power in the manifestation of goodness. Goodness drives out hatred, it seeks to love, and it heals the wounds of division and sin. When we show goodness to others God is quick to forgive us and show us his mercy. God grants repentance for their sins. St. Paul in his letter to the Romans tells us that all things work for the good for those who love the Lord (Rom8.28).

We are blessed to know Good News. The Good news is the gospel of Christ who has suffered, died and risen. He has given us access to the goodness of God. We are no longer enslaved to the wickedness of sin the power of the devil but have the power to exercise righteousness, justice and goodness. In Jesus we are restored to that goodness which had been lost through our disobedience. The Holy Spirit produces the fruit of goodness in our lives so that we can image the goodness of God. The Holy Sprit is the power that enables us to be and do well.

The psalmist encourages us to taste and see that the Lord is good. How has God revealed his goodness in your life? What actions by way of word or deeds can you do today that manifests that goodness shown to you?

God, you are good and forgiving. Help me by your grace to be good in all that I do and say today and always. Amen